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K18, Natural Black Opal Ring KR070



Too many diamonds set in this original designed ring we've lost the count. This is our recommended original designed 'black opal ring' offering for under the value. Lots of fire showing in opal you'll love the 'play of color' and too many natural quality diamonds set in the ring, your hand will look sparkle when wearing this ring. K18 WG & diamonds, black opal ring can never be this affordable. If you're special or would like to give something nice to someone really special, this ring would be best !! Guaranteed your satisfaction and 100% natural black opal from Lightning Ridge.

About ring size


K18 White Gold
Ring Size :
Weight (Opal) :
1.17 ct
Origin :
Queensland, Australia
Size :
8.4 x 5.8 mm (Opal) mm
Main Colour :
Green / Orange
Pattern :
Pin Fire
Side Stone:
Diamond (0.18 ct)


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