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Black Opal & Boulder Opal Direct from Opal Mines !

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Opal Direct is an online shopping store operated by Gemstory Pty Ltd.
We are the wholesaler and exporter of Australian Solid (Natural) Black Opal & Boulder Opal.
There are so many man-made opals called Doublet and Triplet, also many Laboratory made opal in the market.
We only introduce and sell SOLID (NATURAL) OPAL here !

To our precious customers !!

Thank you for visiting Opal Direct. We'll be running around, mining and helping friends at the opal mine, the remote area this month, and should be able to settle down by the 27th February.
Please email us ( ) for any special requirement or assistance, we'll do our best to be as responsive as we possibly can.

Thanks and wish us good luck for more beautiful opals !

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Basic Knowledge About Opalopen new window

What is opal ?  What type of character does it have ?

Let's start learning about opal.


A littl bit more about opalopen new window

Why opal has colour ?  Why each opal has different colours and patterns ?

More detail about opal.

Lightning Ridge Mining

Lightning Ridge - Black Opal Townopen new window

The history of Black Opal and how its been mining at Lightning Ridge.

Opal Valuatioon

How to value Black Opalopen new window

What is good opal in terms of body tone, brilliance (brightness / vividness),

colour range, pattern, shape and so on.

Opal Experiment

Experimentopen new window

What is myth and truth about opal !
Is opal really delicate and fragile gemstone or not ? !

We might be able to answer something for you here.

What our customer say...

" The opal has arrived and is as spectacular as I hoped. Thank you for your help in making this happen......"

" Hello Malayvone, Just wanted to let you know that the Natural Boulder Opal Loose Stone arrived safely today after clearing customs. It is a very beautiful stone and really sparkles in the sunlight....."

" Hi Malayvone, I just wanted to send you some pictures of the opal set into the ring as promised....."

" Hi Gemstory. I just wanted to confirm that i received my GORGEOUS!! Opal this morning. I am absolutely delighted and....."

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