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M's Art Collection | Play Of Colour 004

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Inspired by the colorful opals and beautiful gemstones, our jewellery designer - Malayvone Souvannavong has painted this, to express the strength, vividness and depth of colors, as well the beautiful impression of 'rainbow' through her personal vision.

This painting proves that her life is filled with love and compassion, showing lots of colors and brightness, happy feelings everyday.

Each is originally painted directly on the canvas so non of her painting can be repeated nor re-purchased.

Select one to suit your mood or your personal taste, this painting alone will certainly enhance your room immediately, guaranteed !!

Please contact us if you're interested in purchasing Malayvone Souvannavong's painting with picture frame, we're more than happy to suggest and quote the price in total for you.

Alternatively, you could make inquiry or contact us for original size and unique colors for your desired paintings ... let us know, thank you.


Acrylic Paint
Japan Made - Thick paper board
136 x 121 mm