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Pt900, Natural Black Opal Pendant KP145

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A very 'natural' looking solid black opal pendant set in platinum & natural diamonds, simple but original designed item which can never be repeated.

See the claws closely ... the size of each claw is random, the back design of opal pendant is also especially created to enjoy the trendy look (reversible jewelry) and this pendant is actually very large in size !! Showing lots of 'play of color' with mainly blue, green, violet and more. Just gorgeous without being too heavy, you'll love it instantly. Guaranteed your satisfaction and 100% natural black opal from Lightning Ridge.


Size ( length x width ):
36.5 x 20.0 mm
Plutinum 900
Weight (Opal) :
14.84 ct
Origin :
Lightning Ridge, Australia
Main Colour :
Shape :
Pattern :
Broad Flash / Chaff
Side Stone:
Diamond (0.09 ct)
Other Info:
Please note that chain is not included or subject to change.


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