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Akoya pearl design ring & pendant KM1078

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Here's our original collection in 'pearl jewelry'.

Centered, we set a high grade ' Akoya Pearl - 8mm ~ ' well positioned to give maximum beauty and elegant image, something different which can only be offered from Japan. The design exposes the beauty of Japanese pearl but protects from surface's scratches / damages at the same time. the quality is amazingly TOP, you won't disappointed when you see this original jewelry created by our jewelry designer.

Another interesting idea for this design is it also looks stylish when wearing as 'pendant', with enough space to put any chains through, you can enjoy it as uni-sex jewelry, wear it on the leather, ribbon or omega chains, it will just look stunning on anyone.

This ring actually stands alone by having the metal cut in a certain angle, this special cutting technique will hold the balance of the whole ring and allows it to stand-up itself.
Those who's looking for something 'Japanese' or something 'elegant' in original style, for any age or any sex, this is it.

  • We can create this item in Silver, K18 Gold or Platinum.
  • All 100 % handmade therefore it will take around 1 month ~ to complete.

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